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There was a stretcher waiting at the med center, but Heather resisted any attempt to put her on it.

“I won’t leave you, I’ll be right here. Just let me put you down so they can help you.”

The only response was a whimper. He sighed.

“Where’s her room?”

“Over there.”

He carried her over and sat down on the bed, settling her in his lap. Gail followed him in. Kenchy came in a minute later, having clearly just dragged himself out of bed.

 “All right miss, I need to examine you now. Major, you need to leave.”

“No.” His answer was quiet but firm.

“Major, now.”

“I’m not leaving.”

Kenchy was irritated now. He’d dealt with officers before, officers who thought their ranks meant the rules didn’t apply to them.

“Sir, despite your rank, you are not the one in charge here. I am.”

“Rank’s got nothing to do with it.” Beck said

“Then le - ”

“Doctor, it’s – ” Gail tried to cut in, but she was in turn cut off by Heather.

 “I want - ” Heather’s voice was hoarse, but firm. Everyone stopped talking to look at her .“ - I want Eddy here.”

“Who?” Kenchy said.

“I have a first name, you know.”

He watched comprehension –finally - dawn on the doctor’s face as he took in the scene before him.

“Oh.” Kenchy shook himself. “Ok. So, miss, is there anything that hurts in particular, other than your wrists and… the obvious?”

She shook her head, but then she spoke.

“ – Pregnant?”

“Miss, it’s a bit early to tell if – ”

“Yes.” Edward said, causing a small smile on Heather’s face.

“Wait, what?” Kenchy said.

Gail spoke softly in the doctor’s ear. “She’s a few weeks along. At least, she was a week ago.”

“That complicates things.” He pondered for a moment. “Well, for now, let’s go ahead and get her cleaned up.” He turned to the major. “Are we worrying about DNA evidence?”

Edward whispered in Heather’s ear. She nodded.

“We already have plenty of evidence.”

“Alright, I’ll be back in a bit.”

“Ok, now please let the nurses help you.” Edward pleaded

There was no whimper this time, so Gail spoke.

“Okay, honey, it’s me, Mrs. Green. I’m going to look at you now. I’ll do my best not to hurt you. I’ll start with your face.”

Even with the warning, Heather jerked at her touch. Edward pulled her close and caressed her cheek.

“Maybe – the tape – get rid of the tape.” He suggested. “If she can see – ”

Gail looked on at the pair, at the way she leaned into his caress and offered a suggestion of her own.

“How about you get rid of the tape?” She returned his questioning look with a pointed glance at his hand, which did not cause her to flinch.

Over an hour later, she was cleaned up. He’d ended up bathing her himself. Actually, he’d done almost all of it, Gail directing and assisting him. He didn’t know if she really looked any better. Yes, she was clean, but that only revealed her even-paler-than-usual complexion which in turn emphasized the cuts and bruises. Her hair was gone; huge hunks had been cut out with the duct tape and the clots of blood, so they’d gone ahead and very carefully shaved it, avoiding the bumps and cuts there, of which there were plenty.

Another hour and a half, casts were on her fractured wrists and her cuts had been dressed and stitched where necessary. The cuts on the soles of her feet – from kicking people, no doubt – would make walking painful for quite a while. There was nothing they could do about the bruises. She’d been hooked up to an IV. And then, finally, they’d let her cry herself to sleep.

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