nativefloridian (nativefloridian) wrote,

“How’s the baby?”

It was the first thing out of Heather’s mouth when Kenchy walked through the door the second time.

“I – I don’t know.” Heather was visibly upset. “I’m sorry, but we don’t have an ultrasound machine. We were on the waiting list, of course, but we were way down that list.” He shot a glance at the major, hoping that he –

“My detachment wasn’t large enough to receive that kind of medical support.” Beck said sadly.

“Miss, the best way we can take care of the baby is to take care of you. So we’re going to take care of you as best we can.”

“That’s right.” The major stepped in, taking Heather fully into his arms. “And if that baby is half as stubborn as you are, it’ll be fine.”


That was when Nurse Green entered the conversation.

“Honey, that baby is just as stubborn as you are, if not more so.” Heather looked at her, wanting to believe in the certainty on the older woman’s face. “Remember, he’s pretty stubborn himself.” She said, pointing at the major. She was rewarded with a ghost of a smile on both of their lips; Beck’s face also showed gratitude for her encouragement. “Now, do us a favor and let us take your vitals. And then eat something. We have some milk and some applesauce to start with…”

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